Friday, April 1, 2011

Questions about nuclear power industry impact

It would be interesting to learn about studies answering some questions I did not find answers to:
  1. What is the environmental and human impact of the whole supply chain for nuclear energy, not just the power plants? That would include warehousing, transportation, waste disposal.

  2. Most statistics about industrial influence on human life focus on the immediate mortality and length of life. It would be interesting to have some sort of measurement of life quality for accident victims. Than may include their disease history and community metrics. For example, my current perception is that victims of nuclear accidents will receive more per person support from a US government, than those suffering from the coal industry impact. True or not?

  3. How many of the impacted people lost a bodily function - sight, hearing, olfaction, limbs' functions?

  4. How many people had to take medicine for life or generally be under medical supervision for life?

  5. What is a percentage of people who gained full employment after an incident?

  6. For how long they were able to sustain the employment?

  7. How about their average income? Is there statistically significant change?

  8. Did their living space square footage change?

  9. Were they required to relocate and how far?

Any reference to materials suitable for general public are appreciated. Also, other questions measuring life quality would be interesting to hear.

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